editorial 6 September 2021 Behind the scenes in Nuevo Vallarta

This is what a behind-the-scenes photo shoot looks like.When you are shooting a couple, one of the keys to making the photo natural andfun is for the couple to laugh and show their real emotions.An exercise that always works is to place them face to face and ask them to do afun activity, such as …

editorial 1 September 2021 Marriage proposal in Puerto Vallarta

As a wedding photographer, I receive many requests to portrayproposals.In most of them, I become a confidante. I have to get involved inthe whole process.Share my advice, suggest places, restaurants even help withreservations.Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita have become famous places forengagement or proposals.So more and more people decide to take advantage of theirtrips to Nayarit …

editorial 25 August 2021 Honeymoon Photo Session in Puerto Vallarta Downtown

As a wedding photographer in Puerto Vallarta i make very romantic photo-sessions, let me tell you a little about one of my favorites! This pretty couple decided to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. The bride and groom often decide to have a photo session with their wedding dresses on their honeymoon. It is the example of …

editorial 18 August 2021 Lifestyle: Family Photo Session in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is an amazing place to be a family photographer, it’s an abundance of amazing settings for portraits. It’s a beautiful place to take photos and a really fun place to hang out. With a family photo session, you get to take advantage of all of that!This session took perfect advantage of the garden, sea …

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