Marriage proposal in Puerto Vallarta

1 September 2021

As a wedding photographer, I receive many requests to portray
In most of them, I become a confidante. I have to get involved in
the whole process.
Share my advice, suggest places, restaurants even help with
Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita have become famous places for
engagement or proposals.
So more and more people decide to take advantage of their
trips to Nayarit or Jalisco to plan a proposal in one of the
paradisiacal beaches of México.
Like this beautiful couple that I share some photos of the
They were looking for a photographer to capture the proposal.
In the end, I recommended this restaurant, Le Kliff.
An amazing place for a special occasion.
The marriage proposal was perfect and special. They were very
We continue with some beautiful photos around the place taking
advantage of a magnificent sunset.
I thank them very much for their trust and I hope they return to
Puerto Vallarta for your wedding!
Tip: Talk to your photographer and plan the moment together.

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